Rent a Rower

Need some work done? We can help you- and you can help support our team!

Note: We accept RARs from the end of August to Mid-December and Late January to Early May.
(We typically do not have enough people over the summer and winter breaks.)

We can help!

  • - Landscaping
  • - Rowing
  • - Cutting grass
  • - Raking Leaves
  • - Painting

  • And anything else!

    Rent some rowers!

    Are you looking for help with a variety of chores from some college athletes? Do you live near the Troy area? RPI Crew offers our Rent-A-Rower (RAR) program- one of the team's major fundraisers, and we would be more than happy to supply you with some rowers. For $15 an hour per rower you can rent us out, so to speak, to take care of those tasks you do not want to take care of yourself or that you would like some extra help with!

    We provide our own transportation to wherever you are looking for work, but unfortunately cannot provide our own equipment (rakes, etc)

    Whatever you need done, the team is very flexible and accommodating. We do the majority of our RAR jobs during the school year and the money we raise is put towards repairing damaged equipment as well as towards buying new hardware. This team would not be possible without RAR and the support of the Troy community.

    If you would like to hire the team for a job or if you have any questions you can fill out the form below, or contact us directly. We appreciate your support of our team!