About RPI Crew

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Who We Are

RPI Crew is a club rowing team through the Rensselaer Union. Team members are current members of the RPI community as well as students from Russell Sage College and Hudson Valley Community College. The rowers come from across all class years and levels of experience. If you've never rowed before, don't worry! We can teach you.

What We Do

Though we are not NCAA/IRA level, we do maintain a strong commitment to practicing and competeing at a high level. Practices are conducted 5 days per week with regattas on weekends. On any given morning or afternoon, you may find our shells cruising up and down the Hudson River. That is, unless the river is frozen over. When the river is frozen (and even when it's not), you will find team members in the erg room, racking up the extra meters.

Where We Row

You will find our boathouse in Hudson Shores Park in the city of Watervliet (just across the Hudson River from Troy). We use the stretch of river from the Troy Locks all of the way down to the I-90 bridge as you're starting to get into Albany.

Our erg room is located back on campus in '87 Gym. The room is primarily used during winter training from January - April but is often used throughout the year. We have 25+ ergs ready and waiting for action.

What We Row

Our fleet is mostly comprised of Vespoli racing shells. We have 8 Vespoli eights, 1 Vespoli four and 1 Hudson four. Our equipment team works hard to keep these boat in as good of condition as possible. Any smaller boats (singles, etc.) rowing under our name belong to the team members that are rowing them and not to the club.


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